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Sergei V. Gruschak
President Regional Manufacturers Association "FOX GROUP"

      There has turned out the situation in Russia lately when many talented and gifted people, who are professionals in economics and industry, have been orienting to quick income receive without thinking of the works and workers future. It influences negatively social and economic processes in the regions and simultaneously reflects the situation in the country, which offers from three possible ways of action, i.e. either hiding from the state or criminals, take apart the enterprises or just doing nothing to save the earnings. To invest into manufacturing, into promising projects and into real people becomes dangerous because of state legal law guaranties absence, which are to ensure the stability in future and lawful actions.

      That is why the enterprises in various regions of Russia, interested in developing their own manufacturing and oriented to national product of high re-allotment, have united into Regional Manufacturers Association FOX GROUP. The Association is to help in real business problems solving, in enterprises interests defense, in co-operation with state and regional administrations, in stable corporate and vertically integrated bonds creation.

      We consider inadmissible when the sale of raw materials abroad becomes the only source of enterprise income, as this leads to natural resources devastation. Russian manufacturers can manufacture and sell the highest quality products if in-time invested and advised to use right methods of enterprise management. If such philosophy used, all prosper: enterprises, people, local authorities. Social situation has to be stabilized in the regions and finally Russia will become stronger and prosperous.

      Regional Manufacturers Association FOX GROUP has chosen exactly this way. We think that this way is difficult, but necessary and real to pass. On having united we are to succeed, as we're much stronger together!

Alexander A. Rimmer
Director General Regional Manufacturers Association

      The strategy of the Regional Manufacturers Association FOX GROUP creation and development reflects the idea of home manufacturers unity into vertically-integrated chain, which helps immensely to provide mutual products re-allotment.
      At present the Association is comprised of woodworking and cellulose-paper enterprises, therefore the practical task is to provide the members of the Association with maximum convenience condition for wood raw materials re-allotment into the final products for real consumers and 100% assets usage.

      Our business in this direction presupposes three stages of realization. The first stage helps the enterprises to create adequate supply and management system, the second -to use maximum manufacturing capacities and the final - to enlarge the value of production and product assortment extension due to new technologies application. The real success of such measures depends upon in-time investments and partners involving, thus creating fruitful co-operation flexibility among interested sides.

      Our life is sure to become better when all understand that one's well-being can't be built without co-operation with others.

b1_e.jpg (2472 bytes) Content: Necessary effective co-operation realization and contacts development
Mission: To develop the organizational structure, which reflects the enterprise contacts, informational base formation and info-analytical activity, partnership sphere development
b2_e.jpg (2647 bytes) Content: To provide necessary legislation and norms Bloc support on various administrative levels for the members of the Association
Mission: To create favorable legislative conditions for Russian manufacturers, preparation and support of the legislative propositions for various association members projects realization
b3_e.jpg (2681 bytes) Content: Taking part in enterprise project Bloc development, organizational assistence in investment programs realization
Mission: Enterprise managing and co-operation systems optimization, investment institutes system creation for regional enterprises support, new technologies and equipment promotion, marketing consulting services

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