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JSC "Sokolskiy Cellulose-Paperindustrial Complex"

Nowadays the complex is a stable enterprise, which co-operates with foreign partners from the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mongolia and many others.

The perspective development program is to organize professional managing, necessary supply and sales due to worldwide methods, which provide in near future 100% of assets usage and full capacity.

JSC "Tula Paper Manufacturers"

Nowadays «Tulabumprom» is one of the leading enterprises in CIS on paper and cardboard processing. Thanks to professionalism of managers' team and fruitful co-operation with the Association «FOX GROUP» the enterprise possesses several advantages in the industry:

• perfect production infrastructure functioning; • well provision of raw materials and human resources (the stuff is 1476 people); • regional administration support; • well knowledge of the market composition; • well-organized business connections with other manufacturers and suppliers; The assortment of paper goods and wallpapers is renewed monthly varying in styles, themes and colors, which meets customers' demands.

"Vologdadrev" Ltd

Usually birch-tree is exported abroad as raw material and the enterprise buys foreign currency, which is necessary for our country economics. On having analyzed the demands of wood-processing and cellulose-paper industry of Vologda region the group of enthusiasts worked out the project of birch raw material usage for polished furniture boards production.

The Regional Manufacturers Association «FOX GROUP» supported the beginning and started to co-operate in investments and partners involvement and current problems solving.

"Sokoldrev" Ltd

Nowadays «Sokoldrev» enterprise possesses several advantages before the competitors, such as: high production culture, high product quality, and high working discipline, social guarantees for the stuff.

Future development foresees new technologies involvement and usage, assortment widening, further quality improvement, total value growth and export market enter.

"Furniture Firm "Progress" Ltd

The assortment of production is average customer oriented and thus finds great demand among the population. High European standards quality and low prices provide the competition. The assortment is dynamic and easy to match the changing demands.

In 2000 the enterprise is to get new equipment which will provide total value and income growth up to 40 min rubles monthly. The assortment range will be developed as well through new furniture, windows, doors production matching highest European standards.

JSC "Kompo Wood"

Starting from June 1999 the enterprise has been working stable, continuously enlarging the total production value. The assortment varies from furniture for children to office, home, kitchen, etc.

The factory employs 85 people and in the nearest future the quantity will reach 250. Co-operating with other members of the Regional Manufacturers Association «FOX GROUP», such as «Sokoldrev», «Vologdadrev», «Progress», JSC «Kompo Wood» received new possibilities and considerable advantages for competitive high quality production creation.

Production Lumbering Complex "Monzales" Ltd

Nowadays the factory supplies the market with various wood raw and ready materials. Its partners are the enterprises from Karelia, Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Novgorod regions. It employs thousands of people in the northwestern part of the country.

The third part of the lumbering production value is exported to Scandinavia. Among foreign partners are Norwegians, who used to invest a lot and were generally more active but because of the economic and political instability grew afraid of serious investments. Nevertheless this co-operation is useful, as it shows the pattern for production culture improvement. Every buyers' representative team is accompanied by Green Peace member who controls the lumbering process. But lumbering is just one part of the business. «Monzales» owns 320 km of railways and locomotives which are used by other local enterprises.

JSC "Fox-Art"

JSC «FOX-ART» is one of the youngest and dynamic members of the Regional Manufacturers Association «FOX GROUP». It was established during the period of market economics transition, which taught to make business adequately and professionally.

JSC «FOX-ART» constantly keeps up the contacts with the enterprises which work in wood-processing. On the basis of the professional dealers network formation the organization helps in production sale in the home and foreign markets. There is a constant search for new partners and sale markets, oriented on unique distribution conditions.

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